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Rescue Organizations

General Surrender Information

If you are sheltering or wishing to surrender a dog, but are able to keep the dog until it is adopted (which is the best option) many Eskie rescue groups are willing to do courtesy postings of dogs available for adoption on their websites. If you chose this option, be sure you create some kind of adoption application, that you thoroughly check references (at least 2 personal, and a vet reference), and that you conduct an interview in the potential adopters home prior to adopting your dog to anyone. Sadly there are some extremely evil people in the world who adopt and abuse animals, horde animals, adopt dogs to use as bait to train fighting dogs, or adopt and sell animals to research facilities. I discourage people from listing available dogs on internet resources like Craig's List. There is a lot of risk involved with this. I also encourage people to charge an adoption fee, which you can donate to the listing rescue group. An adoption fee discourages people who are looking to adopt dogs for any reason other than a family pet. Be sure you provide accurate information about the special needs and temperament of your dog. Be honest! The dog will come back or worse end up in a shelter at risk of being euthanized if you misrepresent the dog. Test your dog with cats and small children to find out if they would be appropriate for a family with either. Be sure your dog is current on all vaccinations and in good health. If your dog has special medical needs be honest about that.

If you are wishing to surrender to a rescue group all the above applies. It is critical for them to have accurate information about your dog in order to locate a foster home that will be a good fit to your dogs needs.

Realize that there are hundreds of homeless Eskies all over the country, and limited available foster homes and adopters. Be prepared to wait until a foster home becomes available if you want to surrender to a rescue group. They do the best they can with very limited resources. They operate entirely on donations and volunteer support. Also be aware that senior dogs are extremely difficult to place as are dogs with significant behavior issue. People are not lining up to adopt a dog that will bite everyone, or become a safety issue in their homes and neighborhoods. There is only a hand full of rehabilitation foster homes around the country, and they are always full.

General Adoption Information

All the Eskie rescue groups have adoption applications available on their websites. They will also have links to adoptable Eskies around the country, but since new dogs come in all the time, there may be dogs available who are not on their website yet. The adoption applications are very through, but are designed to screen potential adopters, and to help the rescue group make a good match to your lifestyle and expectations. All rescue groups do require references, and a home visit as part of the adoption screening process.

Some rescue groups are able to organize transports if a qualified adopter is interested in adopting a dog being fostered in a different part of the country. In general, they try to limit those transports to an 8 hour drive, but on some rare occasions they will do 2 day transports if an overnight home can be located along the route. Some Eskie rescue groups are able to work with Pilots and Paws ( to fly dogs with volunteer pilots if the distance to a qualified adopter is greater than an 8 hour drive.

Like all breeds Eskies have some very specific qualities. Be sure you do some research on the breed, and I strongly suggest that you try to meet some Eskies living in your area to see if this is truly the breed for you. Dog shows and agility trials in your area are always good places to meet Eskies and Eskie owners to ask questions about the breed. Way too many Eskies end up in rescue simply because people loved the cute, white, fluffy, smiling dog, but had no idea about the nature of the breed. Too often the uneducated non-dog savvy person may find out that an Eskie is not a good match for their lifestyle or expectations.

Please feel free to email me if you have additional questions about surrender or adoption of an American Eskimo Dog.

The American Eskimo Dog Club of America, Inc. is in no way affiliated with any American Eskimo Dog rescue group. We provide links to AED rescue groups as a service to potential adopters only. We are in no way responsible for any AED rescue group's policies, procedures, adoptions, or the dogs they make available for adoption. We do not sanction any specific AED rescue group.

Paula Cortiana, Rescue Liason

American Eskimo Rescue Organizations

Eskie Rescueres United
ERU is a national rescue with regional directors. Contact information for the regional directors can be found on their website. Adoption applications and owner surrender forms can also be found on their website. ERU will do courtesy listings for owners, other rescues and shelters with American Eskimo Dogs available for adoption.
Heart Bandits
There is a pull down menu at the top of the page. On that menu is a link for documents and forms where both the adoption application and owner surrender forms are located. That menu also has a link for the regional chapters around the US, so that you can contact the chapter closest to your region of the country directly. Although affiliated with Heart Bandits as a national American Eskimo Dog rescue group, each chapter operates independently and networks with other Heart Bandits chapters to facilitate rescues and adoptions.
Eskies Online
This group operates only in the NE states. Adoption, surrender and contact information are located in a pull down menu at the top of their home page.
Chicagoland Eskie Rescue
Operates in the Midwest US. They are based in the Chicago area.

Additional pet adoption contacts:

There are several national pet adoption databases. These databases list available pets all over the country, but you can narrow your search by region of the country, breed, age, and gender. These databases list Eskies in some of the rescue groups as well as those in shelters. Each listing will provide you with contact information about that dog.

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