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AEDCA is committed to helping those that are looking for an American Eskimo Dog puppy to find one that is not only healthy and has been raised in the best environment, but one that has been raised by responsible and ethical breeders. Those breeders associated with our organization agree to abide by the ethics set forth by the American Eskimo Dog Club of America and strive to produce puppies that are even better than the parents they are produced from, not only in conformation and performance, but in health and temperament.

AEDCA Member Breeder

The American Eskimo Dog Club of America, Inc. (AEDCA) provides this Breeders' List to help persons interested in obtaining an American Eskimo Dog.

The individuals listed are current members of the AEDCA who have paid to list their information on this website and have indicated their intentions of upholding the AEDCA Code of Ethics.

However, AEDCA does not license or endorse anyone engaged in selling pure-bred dogs. AEDCA does not monitor or regulate any member's breeding practices or contracts and does not become involved in resolving disputes between members and their customers. Accordingly, AEDCA cannot, and does not, guarantee or accept any responsibility for the health, temperament, or any other aspect of animals a buyer may purchase from a member.

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SizesCity, StateEmail 

Amar KennelBOMAnne Meek
Miniature, ToyBurgaw,

Anana American EskimosBOMStephanie Paulsen & Kathleen Strunk

DucatBOMHelen Dorrance
Miniature, ToyLeander,

KingsfieldBOMDiane Price

Pikatti American EskimosBOMJenifer Brimmer

Shalom American EskimosBOMSusan De La Paz
Standard, MiniatureBoerne,

Thunderpas American EskimoBOMPatrea Pabst
StandardDewy Rose,

Wachusett American EskimosBOMSallyEllen Schilling

Rocky Mtn American Eskimo Dogs Rackel Ward
Miniature, ToyEaton,

Sierra® American Eskimos Diana Allen

Snow Buddies American Eskimo Keira Marie Nguyen
Miniature, ToyGardner,

Sterling American Eskimos Christinn Cunningham

Valhalla White Splendor American Eskimo Nancy Fransen

Wright's American Eskimos Theresa Wright

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