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Ad Hoc Diabetes Committee

Formed during the April 2016 AEDCA Board Meeting by this motion:
Motion #16-13: That an AdHoc Diabetes Committee be formed to investigate diabetes as to how it affects American Eskimo Dog, breeders and owners and make recommendations regarding what can be done to the Health Committee with cc: to the AEDCA Board.
Moved by Ruth Sampson, seconded by Katherine Smith. Motion carried unanimously.

Committee Members:
Nancy Fransen (chair)
Sandy Ray
Aspen Davidoff, DVM

Penn Vet - Diabetes Program
Please take a moment to complete this very important survey regarding diabetes in dogs and cats. Please complete it for each dog that you have or had, regardless of whether it was diabetic or not. www.vet.upenn.edu/diabetes

2018-03-09 Update from Penn Vet

  1. Thank you to the 588 AED owners who have already completed our survey, we are so grateful for this!
  2. The survey is confidential!!
  3. The survey is directed at ALL AED, it does not target diabetics. Non-diabetics are just as important as diabetics.

10 Critical Points to Managing Diabetes in your Dog



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